Suzi area is located in the city's northeast coast Kisezera. On land it borders Jaunciema and Bukultu neighborhoods, as well as Garkalnes county to water it borders with Juglas and Ciekurkalna neighborhoods. Suzi neighborhood boundaries Kisezers and Jaunciema line through the nature reserve, the city boundary line of the city limits to Kisezera. 1974th Suzi has been included in the Riga area.

Once the Middle Ages Suzi territory Kisezera shores inhabited by Liv fishermen explaining the name of the district, because of their language place name derives "Suzi" (Liv language Suz - "wolf"). In 20th Suzi was beginning to get a boat that went three times a day and it was also an entertainment subject, because of the slow and enjoyable journey by water. Following the disposal of the manor 1923rd The manor castle bought Seventh-day Adventists which opened in the Baltic union territory school and contributed to the further development of the Middle Ages. Adventist school in the Baltic countries studied theology, but in the summer palace used in the resort's needs. Historycal facts show that after the Second World War the castle was not accessible to visitors, it was closed in Soviet territory and access to it was banned by government order.

It should be noted that the spatial point of view, this neighborhood has the potential to become more united and develop some local services in one pass through the main axis (Jaunciema avenue) which also provides an effective link with other Kisezera and coastal neighborhoods are physically indispensable. domain is for sale
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